shipping Hazmat

Consideration about shipping hazmat items to Amazon FBA.

The Amazon Hazmat program is opening up to a wider audience, and you should be aware of the differences between shipping Hazmat, and regular items to Amazon FBA.  This information is specific to the US.

Important information for shipments:.

  • You can NOT use Amazon's partnered shipping for Hazmat items. Shipping labels will need to be generated from your shipping account. Shipping charges will be substantially higher than with Amazon's discounted shipping.
  • The FBA label will still be generated from Seller Central when the shipment is created.
  • Only certain FBA Fulfillment Centers can handle Hazmat shipments. This might mean that you will now have sales tax Nexus in a state where you are not currently storing inventory. 
  • Hazmat must only be shipped using Ground shipping.
  • There are Federal regulations pertaining to the storage of Hazardous Materials. Certain quantities of some products, or the storage of certain products together in the same building might be restricted.

Read more about the Hazmat Program on Amazon (requires Seller Central login):


Updated July 9, 2018