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4. Are you importing your products? *
Are your products coming from outside Canada?
Fill this section if you are importing your products into Canada
5. Do you want us to handle duties on your behalf?
If your products are shipped to Canada by sea, by truck, by train, or if the shipment value exceeds CDN$2500, you need a customs broker.
Country where the products were manufactured; MADE IN ...
What is the commercial value, in C$, of your products.
8. If we handle duties on your behalf, do we wait for the brokerage/duties/taxes invoice before we process your order?
Waiting for the brokerage/duties/taxes invoice before processing your order may mean 2+ weeks of delays. Not waiting will add the minimum order fee to the second invoice you receive.
About your shipment
9. Is this a removal order from Amazon? *
Does this shipment originate from an Amazon FC?
10. Are the products new? *
We accept only new inventory.
11. Reception *
Type of reception.
The number of pallets we should expect to receive. Can be left blank.
The number of cartons we should expect to receive. This can be an estimate.
The number of items/bundles we should expect to receive/create.
15. Online Arbitrage (OA) *
Is this order Online Arbitrage (OA)?
How many SKUs. This may affect pricing as sorting a large number of SKUs affects productivity.
17. Any bundles/poly bagging? *
If you require bundling/bagging, you need to tell us which products require this preparation, the size of the items(s), if there are inserts, etc. Any doubts? Tell us as much as you want.
19. Labeling *
Do you want us to apply labels? Only available with reception with inspection. You can pick more than one.
20. Destination Market *
What is the market for this order?
Fill this section if you are exporting products from Canada
21. If exporting, do you need country of origin determination?
We can determine the country of origin of your products if you require that information for exporting purposes.
22. Shipping to an International FBA Prep Partner?
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