Removal orders

Need to get product out of Amazon?

we support Removal orders from Canada and the UK

You may have to execute a removal order for a number of reasons, but it gets complicated when you want to ship your products outside of a given market, or you live outside that market. 

Maybe you want product currently in an Amazon FC returned to you, moved between Amazon markets, or you need to have product prepped again to fix a labelling or packaging issue.  You can send removal orders our way; we offer services within Canada, and from Canada to other markets via our International FBA Prep Partners,

Please consult our policies related to grading, and refurbishing.

What removal order services do we offer?

If the products are in Canada

If the products are in Australia or the UK, removal orders can be executed via our local International FBA Prep Partner. Contact us for more details.

Updated July 10, 2019