Removal orders from .com to Canada

Removal orders from .com to Canada

You may execute a removal order for a number of reasons, but it gets complicated when you want to ship your products outside of a market, and you live outside that market. If your products are in the US, and you want them brought to Canada, we have an answer for you.

Let's say you want product currently in a US Amazon FC returned to Canada, and on to a Canadian FC. You can send removal orders our way, and we will send them on to Amazon.  Please consult our policies related to grading, and refurbishing.

Here is the process:

  • Assess if it is worth removing the items instead of having Amazon dispose of them. This is especially true if you are shipping across a border.

  • You must be our client; you can become a client by filling in the client profile creation form.

  • We suggest you use ShipLlama as the collection point for your US to Canada shipments, but you can use similar services if they:

    • Accept your package, and wait for you to approve shipment to Canada.

    • Prepare the required customs paperwork.

    • Clear your shipment into Canada.

    • Ship your packages to the customized address you will be provided when we create your account

    • Invoice you.

You must be ShipLlama's client to use their service; you can become a client by filling in this form

  • Batch your removal orders, and issue them periodically. This lowers your shipping, and brokerage costs over the border.

  • Let us know when everything has been delivered to ShipLlama, and is on its way to us, as we have no visibility on the shipping process of removal orders.

  • Provide us with the tracking numbers given to you by Amazon/ShipLlama.

  • Removal orders are treated the same way as new inventory sent to us.

  • Shipping to Amazon in Canada follows the same process as new inventory; purchase your shipping on Seller Central to get the negotiated rate.


  1. Removal orders have a lower priority than processing inbound orders going to Amazon. We will process your removal orders as fast as possible, but delays are to be expected.

Updated February 7, 2019