Online Arbitrage (OA)

Questions we always ask when someone want to do OA?

Lots of Amazon sellers already do Online Arbitrage (OA), or want to start down that path.  Because OA deliveries can stretch over many days, and comprise many cartons, using our services makes sense.

To assess how we can serve you better we always ask a number of questions before taking you on as an OA client.

  1. Are the products sourced from Canada?  OA can be cross border, but sourcing outside of Canada creates challenges with multiple deliveries going through customs.  For that reason, we do not accept OA orders sourced outside Canada.
  2. What type of product are you selling?  Our facilities are not food safe, so restrictions apply.  We also do not accept used books.
  3. What are the prep needs for your products?  Simple labelling, bundling/bagging, other; the more information you provide the better, and faster we can serve you.
  4. Do you source mostly multiple units of each SKU, or mostly 1 unit of each SKU?

Note that orders are processed in batches; this means that we do not accept continuous streams of product coming in.  Processing in batches allows us to count your products properly against the quantities ordered.

Updated January 22, 2018