Occasional Removal orders from .ca

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Occasional Removal orders from .ca

Our occasional removal order is used if you are not a client of our prep services, and do not plan to ship product for prep in the future.  Occasional removal orders are prepaid using PayPal, carry provisions for unknowns, and are not eligible to discounts.

Let's say you want product currently in a Canadian Amazon FC returned to you, or you need to have product prepped again to fix a labelling or packaging issue.  You can send a removal order our way, and we will send the items back to you in the country of your choice, or to Amazon.  Please consult our policies related to grading, and refurbishing.

The process is detailed here; the main steps are:

  • Assess if it is worth removing the items instead of having Amazon dispose of them. This is especially true if you are shipping across a border.

  • You must fill in a removal order request, which will be assessed to create an estimate.

  • The estimate is based on our removal order pricing, and various considerations. Our estimate will include a contingency to cover unknowns about the Amazon removal order process.

  • If you agree with our estimate, we will issue an order number, and a PayPal invoice. If you do not agree to the estimate, the process stops.

  • You settle the PayPal invoice.

  • You create the removal order, and ship to the address you will have been provided. Shipping product against closed orders, or orders for which the prepayment has not been made will cause disposal upon reception.

  • You provide us with the tracking numbers given to you by Amazon, and the notification that the removal order has been completed.

  • Occasional removal orders are processed only when everything has been received. Prep service client orders have priority on all removal orders.

  • Once everything has been received, you will be notified of the date, and time of processing. Email communications not answered for more than 30 days will cause disposal of all received product.

  • In the event that the invoiced amount does not cover the work performed, a secondary invoice will be issued, and must be settled before shipping occurs.

  • If the invoiced amount exceeds the work performed, a refund, including the associated PayPal fees, will be issued.

  • Shipping

    • Shipping back to Amazon in Canada follows the same process as new inventory; purchase your shipping on Seller Central to get the negotiated rate.

    • Shipping outside Canada is most efficient if you arrange shipping yourself, potentially leveraging your own accounts with shipping companies. In that case, you provide us with the shipping labels (PDF format), prepare the commercial invoice, and submit it electronically, or send it to us (PDF format) to be applied to the first carton in the shipment.

Updated February 7, 2019