The FwdToAmazin news.

September 20, 2018

We have modified rules that apply to accounts regarding late payment or non-payment of invoices.

September 18, 2018

We have modified our payment method policy. PayPal payments should be Instant Transfers. If paying via eCheck, we reserve the right to hold shipment until payment has cleared which will cause a delay of up to 10 calendar days.

August 7, 2018

We have discontinued Square as a payment methods because the way they calculate fees was causing accounting difficulties.

August 6, 2018

We have modified our flash discount rules.  If we do not receive tracking numbers with 7 calendar days of a purchase subject to a flash discount, the flash discount will not apply.

August 2, 2018

If you are not already a client, and do not want to become one but you want product currently in a US Amazon FC transferred to a Canadian FC, maybe have product prepped again to fix a labelling or packaging issue, you can send Amazon US removal orders our way using our new occasional removal order from .com to Canada service.

July 31, 2018

You may execute a removal order for a number of reasons, but it gets complicated when you want to ship your products outside of a market, and you live outside that market. If your products are in the US, and you want them brought to Canada, we have an answer for you; our new removal order from .com to Canada service.

Lots of Amazon sellers already do Online Arbitrage (OA), or want to start down that path.  Because OA deliveries can stretch over many days, and comprise many cartons, using our services makes sense.  OA between countries creates complications which we address with our new Online Arbitrage (OA) US to Canada service.

July 2, 2018

The metrics for Q2 2018 are out. We are happy to note that our cost per unit is down from Q1, continuing the quarter over quarter trend.

  • 87.67% of orders have a unit cost below C$1.00; up from 86%

  • Unit cost goes down with the number of units processed, and up with the level of preparation required. The high cost per units recorded for high manual labor, small number of units orders.

For more details see our cost per unit FAQ.

NOTE: Any duties and shipping out to the FC are excluded from this calculation.

July 1, 2018

We stopped publishing our newsletter.

Entries older than July 1, 2018 are from our old newsletter. Edited to be current and accurate.

April 2, 2018

1 Removal orders

In the past we limited removal orders processing to established clients of our prep service.

Some international sellers ship their products in fully prepped, but still require removal orders processing.  We have added occasional removal order processing to help these sellers.

2. Pricing examples

If you want to figure out how we price our services, and what your typical shipment would cost, check out our pricing examples.

January 31, 2018

Online Arbitrage (OA)

Many sellers are into Online Arbitrage (OA); read our FAQ on this subject.

September 30, 2017

1. Opt-in joining fee

We have introduced an opt-in, CDN$50 refundable joining fee for new accounts. This fee is a credit applied toward payment of orders placed within one (1) year of having the account created.  The two option are:

  • No joining fee

    • 0% joining discount.

    • Everyday discount at 0% for the first quarter.

  • Joining fee

    • 5% joining discount.

    • Everyday discount at 7.5% for the first quarter, starting with the second order.

2. New everyday discount rules

We have modified our everyday discount rules in an effort to better recognize our committed clients.

  • The everyday discount kicks in starting with your second order. Clients that opt-in for the CDN$50 joining fee receive a everyday discount initially set at 7.5% .

  • At the end of each quarter we evaluate each and every one of our clients to find out how much business we've done together.

  • Clients that have placed an average of two (2) orders, or more, per month will see their everyday discount increase by 1%.

  • Clients that have placed an average of between one (1) and two (2) orders, per month will see their everyday discount increase by 0.5%.

  • Clients that have placed an average of more than zero (0), but less than one (1) order, per month will see their everyday discount remain stable.

  • Clients that have placed no order, will see their everyday discount decrease by 0.5%.

  • The minimum everyday discount is 0% and the maximum is 15%.

August 31, 2017

1. Change to minimum order fee

As of September 15, 2017, the minimum order fee will apply to all invoices; including those for brokerage/duties/taxes billed to us after an order has been processed. 

When you fill in the service purchase form, you are now asked if you want us to delay processing until we receive the brokerage/duties/taxes invoice to process your order, or if we should process immediately, and invoice you later.  Waiting, the default, may cause a delay of 2+ weeks, while the second invoice will incur the minimum order fee.

2. Hourly rate for inspection and prep

  • This FAQ entry explains the rules we use to switch from per unit to hourly rate for inspection and prep.

3. Drop shipping, grading, liquidation lots, refurbishing, and storage

  • This FAQ entry covers how we approach these topics.

4. Importing?

  • You probably already know all about importing, and exporting; but just in case...

5. Using DropBox

  • For those of you who have not already place your first order, here is how to use DropBox efficiently.

August 1, 2017

Shipping pallets to/from our facilities?

  • Check this FAQ entry to find out how to efficiently ship pallets to, and from our facilities.

July 10, 2017

New Rules!  The must read stuff

  • Your account. We are spelled out the rules governing accounts; when is an account active, archived, closed, or blocked.

  • Abandoned inventory. We have updated the rules around abandoned inventory; the grace period is now 30 days.

  • Incentive program. From June 18, 2017, new accounts became eligible to the everyday discount starting with their second order.

  • Minimum order. From July 17, 2017 we are instituting a minimum order of CDN$25 on our services after discount(s), before taxes, third party fees, and PayPal fees.

Other stuff

October 3, 2016

We have modified our incentive program, specifically our joining discount; our 5% joining discount is in place for 30 days from the date of your first order.  This change is retroactive for all clients that have not yet made their first order.

We stopped offering a referral credit as administering that part of the incentive program was very difficult, and it was almost never used.