Minimum order

Why do you have a minimum order, and how much is it?

We were read the riot act by our accountant regarding small orders.  It turns out that there are a number of fees, and costs associated to every order, big or small.  Bank fees, data entry fees, etc. 

This means that small orders see their profit margin impacted by those fees, and instead, of raising our fees overall we have decided to impose a minimum order of CDN$25, after discount(s), and before taxes, third party fees, and financial (PayPal, or Square) fees.

As of September 15, 2017, this will apply to all invoices; including those for brokerage/duties/taxes billed to us after an order has been processed.

This is how the minimum order will be applied:

  1. We total our various service fees.
  2. We apply any discount(s).
  3. If 1. is less than CDN$25, we add the difference between CDN$25 and 1.
  4. We calculate the 13% HST.
  5. We add any third party fees, and any potential tax on those fees.
  6. We add financial (PayPal, or Square) fees if appropriate.

Updated October 10, 2017