joining discount

Incentive program

5% joining discount

Clients that opt-in for the non refundable C$50 joining fee receive a joining discount as a thank you for upcoming business. This discount will be applied to FwdToAmazin services, and will be in effect for 30 days from the date of your first order.

An example

The day after we process your profile you contract us to process one of your shipments.  Our services for this shipment total C$100.  Because of the joining discount, we will deduct C$5 from your invoice, prior to applying the HST (13%), Ontario's version of the GST.

What does that really mean?

In the example above, C$100 in services costs becomes, after HST, C$113.  Since a 5% joining discount is applies during the first 30 days, you'll pay C$95 in services costs, or after HST, C$107.35 for a saving of CDN$5.65

Incentive program

Updated December 20, 2018