Hourly rate for inspection and prep

When do we switch from per item to hourly rate for inspection and prep

Some types of orders may require an increased amount of sorting, and care, to properly prep the products.  This cannot be done under the process that we use to prep at a low cost per unit.  Some examples of orders that would require us to switch to our hourly rate:

  • Orders with large number of SKUs, and relatively few items per SKU; for example books, CDs, DVDs, or other unique items.
  • Orders with items that look the same except for small differences, clothing with many variations, etc.
  • Orders where no attempt was made by the supplier to pack by SKU.

Having multiple SKUs imply that multiple groups must be made to inspect, count, and prep the items.  If most SKUs have few items, the number of groups explodes, and finding the right label to apply takes more time.  Workload increases faster than the number of SKUs.

One way to avoid going to the hourly rate is having the supplier pack like items together, and bound, or otherwise separated, so they can be processed in groups.

Updated August 25, 2017