Can you benefit from chasing fads, fashion, world events?

I am not a seller, and anyway it is prohibited by the company because of the potential conflict of interest. 

I read a lot, and listen to a lot of podcasts about eCommerce, and a theme that is often revisited is sourcing based on fads, fashion, world events, etc.  The tone is often "Do this, and get rich quick".

Obviously, some made a killing selling spinners, solar eclipse sunglasses, garlic presses, meat claws, etc.  I just wonder how many lost their shirt, or got banned from their selling platform.

A variant is selling products that would be useful in response to some disaster, or point in time event.  Yes people could use product X in their time of need, but can they get the product delivered in time, or at all?

None of our clients sell faddish products.  There must be a reason for that.