Do brands matter?  Heck yes! Check out the story of our boss, and his pickup truck.

Our boss bought a new F150 and has been making little changes to it; fixing little annoyances.  He was looking for a tailgate assist, and a tailgate gap cover. 

You can get the tailgate assist in a factory installed package ($$$), by installing a Ford part ($$ + painful), or you research on the Internet.  "F150 tailgate assist" finds third party tailgate assists in a flash, shows a lot of pertinent information about installation, including video reviews, and the very first link in the page is a paid ad pointing to an Amazon listing.  That seller did the job well.  The boss posted a 5 star review.  That was a Canadian FBM purchase.

The tailgate gap cover was a bit trickier; "F150 tailgate gap cover" finds the part rapidly, but the first links point to a product that does not have good reviews on Amazon at least for trucks with a bed liner.  A few of the links are for a branded product, with good reviews, and links to, and  Again, the seller did the job well.  The product will receive a review once delivered.  That was a US FBM purchase.  With the number of pickup trucks on the road a Canadian seller should look into Rok Block...