FBA prep service process

How does our process work?

Our tried, and true process to get your products from supplier to Amazon FBA fulfillment centers.

One time

  1. Create your free client profile. We will get back to you with questions to assess how we could best provide you services.

  2. Once approved, you will receive your ClientID, and we will share a DropBox folder.

Every order

  1. Fill in the service purchase form. We create a DropBox folder for each order, complete with the Order Log spreadsheet and PDF.This is how we use DropBox.

  2. Orders requiring inspection, or preparation will also have the Order Tracking spreadsheet.

  3. Fill in the tracking numbers form. We will update the Order Log spreadsheet and PDF. We will also track the shipment.

  4. Fill in the Order Tracking spreadsheet, if present.

  5. Provide the FNSKU labels, in 30 per page, 8.5" by 11" PDF format by depositing the file in DropBox.

  6. Notify us once you believe everything has shipped, or have had confirmation.

  7. Once everything has been received, you will be notified of the date, and time of processing. Let us know if you will not be available at that time.

  8. We will assemble, photograph, or video the cartons received. The picture/video will be placed in DropBox.

  9. We will scan customs papers, and the commercial invoice if present. The scan will be placed in DropBox.

  10. If inspection, or preparation has been requested:

    1. The order will be processed, and the Order Tracking spreadsheet updated with counts received, and counts per SKU per carton.

    2. The PDF version of the Order Tracking spreadsheet will be created, and placed in DropBox.

  11. Cartons will be weighted, and measured. This information will be provided to you to purchase shipping labels.

  12. If the order is being exported:

    1. Remember that you must ship Delivery Duties Paid (DDP) to avoid have your shipment refused by Amazon.

    2. Provide the Amazon carton labels by depositing the file in DropBox

    3. Provide the commercial invoice in 8.5" by 11" PDF format by depositing the file in DropBox. We will put 3 copies is a document pouch attached to carton 1 of the shipment.

  13. Provide the shipping labels by depositing the file in DropBox.

  14. We will apply the shipping labels. We will photograph, or video the outgoing cartons. The picture/video will be placed in DropBox.

  15. We will place a copy of our invoice in DropBox. You will receive the original via email.

  16. Once the invoice is paid in full, pickup is requested.