FBA Forwarding

Our FBA forwarding services ships your products from our facilities to the Amazon FC.

  • Canadian FC.  You purchase your shipping on Seller Central, using our address, to get the UPS - Amazon.ca negotiated rate.
  • US, or other country FC.  Shipping must be Delivery Duties Paid (DDP) to avoid rejection by Amazon.  You purchase your shipping from your carrier of choice, or from a shipping broker.  Check our shipping rates comparison page before shipping to the US.

FBA Forwarding process

  • Repackage, if necessary, to keep the weight of individual cartons below 20 kg.
  • Reuse cartons, if possible, to preserve the environment.
  • Use new cartons as necessary.
  • Document the weight, and dimensions, of each carton.
  • Print, and apply of shipping labels.
  • Schedule pickup.

To purchase services

Consult our price list and use our service purchase form.

Updated August 8, 2017