Cost per unit

FwdToAmazin Preparation service unit cost

FwdToAmazin prices its preparation services based on the cost for receiving and inspecting, labelling, and preparing your order. Service prices are independent of the size of the order.

What is the preparation service unit cost, and what are you getting into? We think that actual unit costs, based on actual orders of all sizes, items of all sizes, and including everything, gives the real answer.

Here are our numbers, based on actual orders, in C$, including incentives, and including the 13% HST.

Unit Cost, C$, Fully Taxed

  • Average C$0.60 per unit.

  • 26.81% of orders have a unit cost below C$0.25.

  • 88.38% of orders have a unit cost below C$1.00.

  • Unit cost goes down with the number of units processed, and up with the level of preparation required. The high cost per units were recorded for high manual labour, small number of units orders.

NOTE: Any duties and shipping out to the FC are excluded from this calculation.

Updated October 1, 2019