About Us

Who are we, and what do we do? Broad strokes only.

FwdToAmazin is an FBA prep business which started operating in May 2014. At the time we were Amazon sellers but struggled to scale up our activities:

  • We had "real jobs" that prevented us from being home to receive shipments.
  • Because we missed shipments, we had to reschedule them, or go to the courier company to pick them up.  No more quiet evenings.
  • We were working in the evenings, or even nights, preparing products before shipping them to the FC.  No more family time.
  • We were lugging boxes to ship them at lunch time.  No more dinner.

We looked around for a Canadian prep service but couldn't find one.  Unmet need, meet opportunity! 

FwdToAmazin is owned and operated by retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces.