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Here is the whole "being an Amazon seller using FBA" process, in a few words:

  • Become an Amazon seller.
  • Research, source, receive, inspect, prepare, and ship your products to Amazon.
  • Sell and profit.

Is It that easy?

Become an Amazon seller

Signing up to become and Amazon seller is really easy, but there are important decisions to make.  Are you going to sell in one, two, or multiple markets?  Is this going to change over time?  Are you going to ship to clients yourself, or go the FBA route?  A choice you make now may mean increased fees later.

Research, and source products

Selling successfully, and profitably, starts with a product that fulfills a need, acquiring it for a reasonable cost.  This is an art form that all sellers need to master.

Receive, inspect, prepare, and ship your products to Amazon

Your product must get to your market, and be made available to your clients.  This may mean importing into a country where you do not have a presence, removing damaged inventory, labeling, bagging, bundling, packaging into different cartons, splitting into multiple shipments, and finally shipping.  This is where FwdToAmazin can help you.

Sell and profit

You have to let your clients know that the product is available.  This means advertising it so it rise to the top of searches your clients make on Amazon.  This is the second art form you need to master as a seller; just being on Amazon is not enough.  Only then can you sell, and make a profit.